Our philosophy is simple:

Put good in, get good out.

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Spanish Almonds & Spices $6

Pig Whistles $7

Mayday Tots $10

The Daily Spread $7

Truffle Fries $7

Chef’s Poutine $7/$14

Fried Oysters $14


Lamb Finger Steaks Times Three $14

Mint Pesto, Pomegranate Jam, Pear Chutney

Big Pig Bacon Bruschetta $12

Winter Dry Fig “Sticky” Hop Powder

Buffalo Cauliflower   $10

Butter Buffalo, Citrus, Tahini

Daily Deviled Vegetables $12

Hummus, Babaganoush, Green Soy, Flatbread

Crispy Fried Brussels $10

Golden Balsamic, Roasted Garlic

Smoked Idaho Trout  $14

Shallot Dill Crème Fraîche, Daily Grill Toast

Ploughman’s Board  $22

Daily meats, cheeses & rillettes


Warfield Chili  $14

Cornbread, Grated Cheddar, Diced Red Onion

Old Boys Beer & Cheese Soup  $10

Ale, Cheddar, Potato, Love

Melted Gruyere French Onion Soup  $12

Sweet Onion, Brandy, Bone Broth


Bacon & Egg, Wilted Spinach Salad $14

Applewood Bacon, Ranch Egg, Organic Spinach, Ale Mustard Vinaigrette

Whole Leaf Ceasar $14

Warm Croutons, Dressing Done Right, Anchovies

Local Roasted Beet Salad $12

Honey Gorgonzola Vinaigrette, Arugula, Crispy Parsnip

Gifts from the Garden $12

Winter Seasonal Vegetable Salad “Not Boring”


Whiskey Wash Brisket $25

Organic Beef, Apple Braised Cabbage, Smashed Potato, Natural Jus

“C.O.U.S” The Lamb Chops of Unusual Size $31

Cous-cous, Chutney, Curry Vinaigrette

Grass Fed Steak Frites $37

Ribeye, Mile High Fries, Garlic Butter

Chicken & Biscuits $22

Marmalade, Bacon, Veloute Sauce

Short Rib Pot Pie $24

Pearl Onion, Root Vegetables, Beef Jus

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks & Halloumi $18

Charred Pepper, Virgin Oil, Roasted Garlic, Citrus


Idaho Beef Pub Burger $15

Fried Cabbage, Onion Cheese Fondue, And Then More Onion

The Off Brand Chicken Waffle Sandwich $15

Belgian Waffle Bun, Crispy Chicken, Maple Aioli, Candied Bacon

Open Faced Rock Cod Sando $17

Wild Arugula, Fried Capers, Warm Thyme Vinaigrette


Big Kid Snickers $10

Flourless Chocolate Cake $9

Bread Pudding $9

Tres Leches $9

Better Be Hungry Burger  $9

grassfed beef, cheddar, fries

Cornmeal Fried Daily Catch $8

with fries or salad

Baby Bear Chili Bowl $8

cheddar, cornbread

Bawk Bawk Pot Pie $9

Chicken Cream, Carrots, Peas


Iced Tea


House Ginger Beer

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper


Main Street Martini

Warfield Organic Gin, Blue Cheese, and Olive

Fruit of the Dead

Warfield Vodka, Pomegranate and Mint Shrub, and Lemon

Gin Genie

Warfield Gin, Ginger Spice, Fresh Lemon Juice, Creme de Violet

Jamaican Gin

Warfield Gin, Hibiscus Tea, Fresh Lime Juice, Tiki Bitters

Midnight Negroni

Warfield Gin, Campari, Averena, Vittore Sweet Vermouth


Warfield Gin, House crafted tonic, Sage, Grapefruit and Orange

Uncle Buck

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Ginger Beer, Lemon and Barrel Aged Bitters

Some Like It Hot

Espolon Silver, Lime Juice, Jalapeno & Anaheim Pepper, Black Salt

Everything Nice

Bourbon, Allspice Dram, Velvet Falernum, Lemon and Hot Water

Honey Pot

Warfield Vodka, Chamomile Tea, Benedictine Liqueur, Orange Juice

Ketchum Kölsch

4.5% ABV – 21 IBUs

Light, floral and balanced, this is a classic Kölsch in every sense: easy-going, dry, and immensely satisfying on a sunny day.

Magnanimous Bohemian Style Lager

5% ABV – 33 IBUs

Classic Czech lager with honey-like malt flavor and herbaceous Pekko hop character for a bright, clean finish.

Thorny Thistle Scottish Ale

5.8% ABV – 24 IBUs

Dry hopped with traditional heather tips for a complex floral character in tandem with rich roasted malts.

Miner’s Canary Stout – NITRO

4.5% ABV – 18 IBUs

Pitch black, velvety rich and delightfully quaffable. Nice and dry and just the way a stout should be.

Blind Horse Amber Lager

6.8% ABV – 17 IBUs

A malt lover’s dream with a rich, complex caramel malt character. Medium-bodied with a dry lager finish, delightfully smooth.

Common Chaos Idaho Common

5.8% ABV – 55 IBUs

Brewed with a touch of malted wheat, Chinook hops and Common yeast. Notes of pineapple sit atop a crisp clean bitterness.

Lucky 7 Pale Ale

5.5% ABV – 65 IBUs

Idaho #7 hop character abounds with bright tropical fruit flavor & aroma in this balanced pale ale.

Feisty Wee Number India Pale Ale

6.6% ABV – 87 IBUs

Bursting with hop aroma, Feisty Wee Number features Azacca and Simcoe hops and is a flavor-forward, super satisfying IPA.


Thorny Thistle Scottish Ale

5.8% ABV – 24 IBUs – On Nitro

Dry-hopped with traditional heather tips for a complex floral character in tandem with rich roasted malts.

Miner’s Canary Stout

4.5% ABV – 18 IBUs

Pitch black, velvety rich and delightfully quaffable. Nice and dry and just the way a stout should be.

The Wanderer English Strong Ale

6.6% ABV – 19 IBUs

“He walks here and there they say, as an old man, hooded and cloaked.” ( L.O.T.R. Two Towers, J.R.R. Tolkien) A malt forward ale with notes of caramel and biscuit.

Warfield Whiskey $20

Served neat and on a nifty board

The Crazy Downhill

a two ounce shot of housemade Sister City Brandy *VERY LIMITED STOCK*

Expertly crafted cocktails and freshly brewed organic beer are all well and good on their own. THE BAR

What really takes them to the next level is a proper setting and great company. Whether you’re kicking back on the rooftop deck, or sidling up to the main bar downstairs, we’ve got you covered. Bring your own company our strike up a conversation with a friendly, beer-loving local or a boisterous, martini-wielding out-of-towner, and you’ve got the makings for a perfect bar session.